Curatorial Practice

March 2023 / On-going

Haroon Mirza, Solstice Star, Audiovisual, 3D object and animation, developed in collaboration with Scott Utting, 2021
︎Physical Art x Digital Interaction
︎ Gift Exchange
︎ Collective Resonance

Distributed as part of the exhibition ||| at Lisson Gallery, Solstice Star is a gif(t) created by artist Haroon Mirza, and initiated by Sha Li that merges physical art practices with digital interactions.

In the physical space,
Solstice Star appears as a vinyl QR code on the wall. Upon scanning it, a self-referential, augmented 3D sculpture is activated. By recontextualizing the Solstice Star on the blockchain, anyone can own the GIF version of the artwork as NFTs. This allows the artist to track ownership, remaining creatively engaged and continuously evolving within an emerging network, while enabling collectors to become part of the artist's unfolding project over time.

Through minting,
Solstice Star leads the way into a shamanic journey in the digital space, blending mysticism and technology to find balance by combining opposing energies, akin to the yin and yang concept in traditional Chinese philosophy. The project follows the principles of Daoism, emphasizing the practice of "wu-wei" — effortless action in harmony with the flow of nature and the environment.

Solstice Star with the healing frequency of 111 Hz, a prominent feature of the exhibition |||, aims to inspire the audience to find their own frequency. Token holders can claim ownership of the work and enhance the exhibition experience by incorporating their own frequency later on, resulting in a co-created piece that fosters collective resonance. Solstice Star is a gift for those intrigued by non-hierarchical digital interactions involving art, nature, science, technology, sustainability, and spirituality.

Solstice Star Gif(t) is led by Haroon Mirza and Sha Li, in collaboration with Greg Hilty and colleagues at Lisson Gallery and Verse.