Curatorial Practice

The process of a growing mycelium network.
Diagram found on the World Wide Web:
︎ Collaboration and Network Thinking
︎ Decentralized Curatorial Approach
︎ Community-led Knowledge Sharing

The philosophy of Ethereal Garden represents an evolution in my curatorial practice and thinking. It resonates with the intricate, resilient, and interconnected networks found within nature's mycelium and the internet.

This concept diverges from traditional centralized forms of curation, embracing instead a decentralized, peer-driven model. Analogous to how mycelium forms an extensive underground network to absorb nutrients from its environment, Ethereal Garden unites diverse contributors, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and content.

In this networked approach to curation, each contribution is viewed as a node, with each acting as a valuable source of knowledge or creativity, mirroring the complex intertwined threads of mycelium. This organic, ever-evolving network underpins the decentralized curatorial practice. It thrives on mutual benefit and shared growth, cultivating a dynamic community of researchers, learners, and creators.

Ethereal Garden embodies adaptability and resilience, organically growing and evolving in response to the needs and contributions of its community. Rooted in collaboration and decentralization, it represents a transformative approach to collective learning and curation, promoting diversity, inclusion, and the power of interconnected thinking.
- Sha Li

The Canada Council for the Arts has recognized and awarded the Ethereal Garden: Curatorial Research Network with the Digital Greenhouse Strategic Innovation Fund.