Curatorial Practice

May 2021 / On-going

Pak,, screenshot of the website logo. 
︎ New Value System
︎ Emerging Technology
︎ Community-Led Project

[] introduces an exclusive 'burn' mechanism using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It utilizes blockchain technology to establish a new value system for digital art. 

NFTs represent unique digital assets linked to real-world objects, all securely stored on the blockchain—the value layer of the internet.

Within the burn system, collectors owning Pak's artwork as NFTs, including The Fungible Collection launched by Sotheby’s, have the option to permanently remove them from circulation on the blockchain. In return, they receive 'Ash,' a social currency led by the artist.

By offering the transformation of artwork into a currency through the 'burning' process, the project raises a thought-provoking question: 'What holds greater value: art or money?'

Once burned, 'Ash' functions as a legitimate digital currency, incentivizing knowledge exchange and fostering cross-sector collaborations within the community. This groundbreaking approach integrates a revolutionary mindset and experimentation with digital art and value exchange. It underscores the symbiotic relationship between diverse creative modalities and recognizes their inherent value.

Sha Li’s contribution to this project cultivated a deep affinity within her for innovative and decentralized curatorial methods. Her aspiration is to incorporate curation into a networked ecosystem that encourages interconnectedness, active participation, and collective growth.